"Unsealed" has finally arrived in Christchurch's CBD


I am super excited to announce the third mural of the New Zealand's Worth Loving tour is finished!

'Unsealed' took all the strength I have to complete. 12 days in total with 3 days off in between to let my arms recover. I am so grateful to the owner of 307 Durham Street North, Malcolm Ellis, Bernice and Murray Ireland and the tenants for supporting the project.

THANKYOU SO MUCH for all of the other amazing people involved especially Jo Mair and Brindi Joy and the Christchurch City Council. Ross French the filmaker/photographer. My fantastic parents for feeding us and putting a roof over our heads. Norm from Hirepool, Microfilm Digital Print, Tara Daellenbach, Sally Airey and Rachael Welfare, Gap Filler, Kathryn Bates, Avon Otakaro Network, Festa, Jess Halliday, Sue Wademan, Celia Sheerin, Chris Noel and last but certainly not least the gesso release team!  

I hope that as well as brightening up another grey area in Christchurch during the rejuvenation period, people will think twice before littering and consider how harmful just a small action like that can harm our beautiful wildlife, like the NZ fur seal. Animals have no say but we do.