The Feel Of The Steel - Out Now!


New Zealand author Ian Sheerin (my talented father) has just released his first novel, which is totally worth the read: 


Book Description: Helen and Stephen Taylor become embroiled in an escalating cycle of drug use, crime, drug-dealing and prostitution. Their activities make them wealthy, but events begin to spiral out of control. A robbery goes wrong, they lose custody of their children and battle to get their kids back, eventually resorting to kidnapping. 

David Burton’s close friends become entangled in drug use, and he faces a hypocritical society that encourages people to consume alcohol but condemns those who use other drugs. David’s girlfriend develops an injecting drug habit. An overdose, then a drug bust finally lead her to seek methadone treatment. She discovers that she has contracted hepatitis C virus infection and struggles to overcome her problems. David eventually finds himself helping the Taylors. A disaster leads Helen to seek witness protection and to fight the drug ring threatening her family. 

This novel explores the issues arising from the real life experiences of a group of drug users. The author is a lecturer at the University of Otago who spent 5 years interviewing people to obtain the material for this work of fiction. The story is based on actual events that occurred during the 1970s and 1980s, but all of the characters are fictional. It explores the lessons that should have been learned since that time, covering issues of drug use, recovery, crime, prostitution, imprisonment, child custody and hepatitis C virus. 

Cover designed by myself.