Senorita AweSUMO is indeed living up to her reputation!


I thought it was about time I brought to your attention the work of the wonderful Fiona Clements. Miss Clements aka 'Senorita AweSUMO' designs some of the awesomest garments I've ever seen and guess what?! they are made from textiles collected from commercial off cuts. recycling centres and sometimes even materials recovered from landfill.

I had the pleasure of meeting Fi while painting my last mural in Dunedin. She ever so kindly gave me a tour of her quirky studio nestled in the central city. I learnt that Fi's work has been heavily influenced from nature and the environment, growing up beautiful Waitati (below) how could it not be.  

After trying on a number of her creations I couldn't help but buy a zerowaste tunic. AweSUMO had a number of amazing fabrics to select from and she whiped it up in no time. I love wearing it!!   

" I believe that designers can serve their community by providing solutions to problems. Witnessing the amount of waste created in commercial fashion production, I set about creating a solution. An opportunity to create unique garments and provide a local solution to a problem facing the fashion system globally"  Fiona Clements

I think what Fi is doing is absolutely rad and would highly recommend paying her studio a visit when your next over in Dunedin.

Here's her website: http://www.senoritaawesumo.com/  and to check out her work in the flesh head to Guild: http://www.guilddunedin.co.nz/