My Way Home - A Personalised Kids Travel Adventure Book for Boys or Girls


This book is amazing! If you haven't got your kid, niece or nephew anything for Christmas this is it! Dreamt up by my friend Jessica Stall, a lovely kiwi lass and Fernando Hurtado. I absolutely love the illustrations by Juan Chavetta.

Its not just a regular book, you can s a personalized this travel adventure :)

My way home is a customized children's story for kids aged 3-9. Inspiring a love of travel & a sense of adventure, this book takes each child on their own journey, from their very own bed through lands afar - all the way back to their country, and to their home.

To get your hands on a copy go to https://www.etsy.com/nz/listing/488148685/my-way-home-a-personalized-kids-travel


Photograph of the gorgeous Jack Bear Sutherland.