Kiwi Birdlife Park Is A Must See!!!


Above is a pic of one of my favourite animal friends Radcliffe, if your lucky he will let you give him a scratch. 

Queenstown's Kiwibird life park is the best wildlife sanctuary. I've been volunteering there on Thursday mornings and have had the pleasure to meet some of New Zealand's increadible native species. The park takes pride in conservation and the wonderful keepers I've meet are passionate in helping various birds and reptiles breed, many of which are then released into the wild. If you haven't been there yet its a MUST! 


Also I am currently painting a mural, based on the drawing below of a tuatara, in the new reptile wing :)


Jema Haydec holding a tuatara during the conservation show.

The pics above and below are of a gorgeous antipodes parakeet.

Day 1 on the mural in the new reptile wing.