Jim and Tess go for a walk...

One of my new friends down here in Queenstown is a hilarious specimen named Jim dog. Last week we decided to take our feet down the lakeside track towards Frankton. It had snowed a couple of days before so the mountains looked idyllic but alas, I took a closer look at the waterfront and found a number of idiots had left their litter behind. Grrrr  

Jim of course was oblivious to the weird juxtaposition surrounding him. He kept the mood light whilst fossicking with his stick. I found four items that were recurring the most in the pile of rubbish I had collected. 1. Glass bottles 2. Condoms 3. Cigarette butts 4. Fast food wrappers

Their appears to be an obvious theme here, I've got no problem with people having a good time, wink wink but take your shit with you!