I would love to introduce you to Ben Sarten adventurer, photographer and film maker extraordinaire!


I met Ben in October of last year in Queenstown during the 'Drainbow Trout' mural. I was very impressed by his work and to be included in his documentaries series "Your Stories" . Ben explained to me the that purpose of this project is to inspire viewers. To help passionate people by sharing their story, ideas and messages and show people what is possible with hard work.

" I wish to create a series of short films telling stories of passionate people doing inspiring things. These could be about anyone including creative people, sustainable/green businesses, athletes, musicians charities, helpful members of the community, conservationists or anyone who is incredibly passionate. The series will consist of short films that are free for everyone to access. They will be shared on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and many other social media platforms.

These are not standard documentaries filled with facts, they are about the love and passion that people have for what they do. I believe if I can show a person’s passion, then it is more likely to connect with the viewer emotionally. In my opinion, an emotional connection to a story, idea or person is more likely to inspire change than a standard documentary." Ben Sarten.

Ben's aim throughout this project is to grow his reach, video skills and connect with like minded people.

To view some of his doco's directly go to his Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRSdtUdEu8_NTTbG_v-Ebwg or go to www.bensartenimagery.com


To get in touch with Ben and/or submit an idea email: [email protected]