Dolphin Spotted in Wellington CBD


That is right humans, we have finished the fifth and final mural of the New Zealand's Worth Loving, pollution awareness mural tour!

Mural location: 237 Willis St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011 (side of Cumberland House).

After 12 full on days, battling with a variety of weather including the famous Wellington wind that swirls in many directions, we managed to complete the 'Doubtful Dolphin' mural.

The dolphin is one of my favourite marine mammals, we must remember that becasue of there coastal nature they are susceptible to human impacts. In this mural the dolphin portrays a storm drain for a stomach, many of which lead to the sea, I would like people to think about what they are putting down drains as well rubbish pollution on our beaches.

THANK YOU Ross French for your amazing photography and film work on this project as well as your patience dealing with an insane artist haha. THANK YOU Canon for the amazing opportunity of winning the community grant; Inspiring Tomorrow. We have loved learning to use the FX200 camera and enjoying the wide angled lens.  

A HUGE SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to all the people, charities and SPONSORS that contributed and or made this possible, especially the owner of the building of Cumberland House, Fullstop Printing, Hirepool, Wellington City Council, Resene, James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor, Our Seas Our Future, Sustainable Coastlines and of course my family and friends for your support (especially my mum Wil Breukelaar who came up from Christchurch to help) I love you all xxo

We hope that by doing this mural for the Wellington community we can motivate people to take there rubbish with them and/or pick up any rubbish and respect the environment that surrounds us. Animals have no say but we do!

Do it for the dolphins; NEW ZEALAND'S WORTH LOVING