Adventure Dogs and photographer Nikki Cameron!


I meet Nikki because I suffered from dog withdrawal symptoms one day a few weeks back. I was on my way home when a delightful and HUGE young dog named Matai physically stopped me in my tracks.....ok ok thats a lie, I squealed on the bike brakes which scared the shit out of the owner, giving me an " in " to meet her beautiful Lionberg.

Obviously she could tell I was in desperate need of more doggy attention so she put me in touch with Adventure Dogs and the brains behind the operations Nikki Cameron. Nikki's day to day doggy experience is insane; imagine your furry friend is picked up from home, taxied with 6-9 other hilarious characters to a destination of the day. Then let loose to frolic and play for a 2.5 hour excursion. Adverture Dogs mission: Making dogs happy, happy dog = happy owner, fact!  

I was lucky enough to join Nikki, her CEO Spook (gorgeous boy above), and her camera (she's also a sweet photographer) for a couple of trips. Check out some of her pics:

To see more of her sweet photos go to:  https://www.facebook.com/www.adventuredogs.co.nz?